Here are some links to wonderful parts of my life.

ACX Producer Profile – This is me narrating books, which I dearly love to do.

David Lange Studios – This studio has produced amazing music for over 3 decades. David and Ben Lange are brilliant and easy to work with.

Uncle Bonsai – Andrew Ratshin, Arni Adler, and me

The Go Janes – Kathleen Tracy, Arni Adler, and me

Arni Adler – My singing partner in both The Go Janes & Uncle Bonsai, Arni is an incredible visual artist and teacher.

Kathleen Tracy – My singing partner in The Go Janes, Kathleen is an excellent songwriter, arranger, and community organizer. I love her work with community choruses where everyone has a voice!

Auntmama – Seattle Living Legacy award-winning, genius storyteller

Wintergrass – Remarkable, indoor bluegrass and acoustic music festival