Patrice O’Neill

I’ve been deploying my voice through song, the written and spoken word for a very long time. I’m a songwriter, poet, story writer, and editor. I’m a performer, producer, organizer of thought and action and a lifelong learner.  No matter the type, creative communication and kindness is at the heart of every sort of work I’ve done. I am a founder and Executive and Artistic Director of Wintergrass, a Northwest award-winning music festival. I’m a touring musician, singing the satirical or sweet with Uncle Bonsai or The Go Janes bands or as a solo artist.  I worked with world renowned music instructors to organize their thoughts and curriculum at the Mandolin Symposium.  I’ve recorded numerous audiobooks, written grants, lived and worked abroad, traveled thousands of miles on my bike and have read millions of words to my children. The school of life has provided me rich lessons.  

I would love to help you give expression to what matters to you.  That could mean doing voiceover work for you. It could mean doing some writing for you, or some kindly fierce/fiercely kind editing for your own writing. Or it could mean coaxing your voice up and out of your soul helping you to find a path for your own words or your own singing or speaking voice.