Find Your Voice

I’ve learned a thing or two after decades of singing and writing. The first step toward finding your voice is listening.  When I was a little girl my dad taught me how to listen.  We’d lay on the floor heads positioned just so between the speakers as the needle dropped on the record. As it spun we’d listen.  Every now and then, he’d quietly point out something that needed to be heard.  It takes a listener to learn how to listen.  

That’s what I hope to be for you.  Perhaps you need my voice to speak or sing something. First, I will listen to you.  Perhaps you have an idea but it’s all jumbled up and it just won’t come out. I will listen to you and we’ll find words together. Perhaps you want to unleash a captive voice. I will listen and we’ll find a route for that voice to speak or sing.  

In this space, I’ll share songs, poems, stories, photos by me or one of my amazing photographer friends.  I’ll endeavor to give you something interesting to see and hear.  

Find your path. Find your voice.

I’m listening. 


This photo was taken on the Foothills Trail on one of my summer bike rides. 

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