Patrice O'Neill

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the debut recording from Patrice O'Neill

Midsummer Skies
Road To Survival
When Autumn Calls
Deep Pools
When The Lavender Blooms
Fractal Love
Walk With Me
Find A Love
For My Dad

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Known throughout the Pacific Northwest for her beautiful voice and personal songwriting style, as well as her work with the popular group Mel Cooleys, Patrice's new release, Elusive, offers twelve original songs that present an extraordinary view of an artist at the peak of her craft.

Elusive features some of the finest musicians in the Seattle area, including members of Mel Cooleys and Ranch Romance, and was released nationally on September 12th, 1994.

Victory Music Review has praised her "...expressive, yet delicate phrasing"; Dan Roberts wrote about "...a voice so pure and sweet that it could melt rock..."; and in a recent list of New Year's resolutions, one reviewer resolved "to refrain from slobbering all over the floor every time Patrice O'Neill sings". But we think that it's been best summed up by Pandemonium reviewer Laura Horton who said "Patrice's voice is that of an angel - ; it defines beauty, and demands your attention."

And what are they saying about Elusive?

"Graced with a charmingly soft sweet voice, soulful wisdom and worldly compassion that cries out from her lyrics, Patrice O'Neill is another New Folk singer/songwriter from the Northwest. These songs here reflect a real depth of spirit and compassion that extends to both self and the world. Her voice comes out of this great quiet space inside, a voice that sings so well, with strength great enough to caress each word as it comes forth."
  - Don St. Clair, Heartsong Review

"This album emotes elegance, grace and beauty.....O'Neill's vocals are pure, warm and flowing.....a sterling work and a must buy."
  - Chris Lunn, Victory Music

"Patrice's voice is that of an angel &endash; it defines beauty, and demands your attention."
  - Laura Horton, Pandemonium

We couldn't Agree more!

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